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Bible Baptist is passionate about missions and missionaries because we are commanded to take the Gospel to every creature. This is why one of our annual highlights is our Faith Promise Missions Conference where we encourage each member of our church to be involved in Faith Promise Missions Giving. Our giving must be led by faith. The Bible says that “whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” Faith Promise Missions is an important part of our church's ministry.



Faith Promise Missions is a simple, Bible-based program that uses the New Testament plan for reaching the world with the Gospel. By God’s grace, many new members get involved in missions giving each year, while others stretch their faith by increasing their financial commitment and watch God work in a great and mighty way. Giving enhances the life of the giver. The excitement of trusting God to supply the amount that He has placed on the individual's heart is a great spiritual adventure. It also provides a time of spiritual growth and development of a worldwide vision for souls. Faith Promise Missions giving increases not only one's financial involvement in world missions but also their personal involvement. Faith Promise Missions Giving continues to encourage Bible Baptist Church in understanding the importance of world-wide evangelization. All of these donations are used to add new missionaries to the monthly support of our missions outreach and aid them in projects they undertake in spreading the Gospel.


We currently support over 140 missionaries and works around the world on a monthly basis. The names and locations of many of our missionaries can be found on our Missions Map. We hope that you will visit the page and take the time to pray for these ambassadors of the Gospel.


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